Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day

Hi again, hope AZ is giving you a good spring. Here are a few pics from earlier this month (notice the snow piles lingering in the background:) . Earth Day continues to grow in meaning for me through the years. Starting when I was in grad school, I use the day to reflect on my commitment to our planet and what I can do better at. Seeing An Inconvenient Truth last year really focused my attention again and I'm really glad about that. I'm still committed to using up my stash, but the big thing for me this year (although not craft related) is to take shorter showers. If I can figure out other ways we can use less water, I'm going to try them.

I hear a sneeze upstairs so it's on to our before-school routine. Still keeping you & yours in my thoughts, love, Cindy, earth muffin

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Alene said...

Cool to see the robin, we don't get those here. Mostly just sparrows, pigeons and mexican doves with an occassional finch or hummingbird.

I see by the pictures that although the snow lingers on the biggest piles, it has warmed up to sweatshirt weather. Definitely an improvement! Any daffodils and crocus yet? We're flirting with the 90's and will be approaching 100 by Sunday. The upside of that is the pool might be warm enough for me to get in sometime in the next month. DH got in Sunday but it was only about 68, way too cool for me.

I'm wishing I were there right now. Colin Meloy is playing a solo show in your fair town tonight and I would love to see it but no such luck. Don't forget to take you camera next week when you go see YH talk. I'm bummed to be missing that.