Tuesday, May 20, 2008

You may be right, I may be crazy

Well, despite the collective wisdom of you, me, and L, I am partway through the 2nd stripe of my Sonoma Mountain Wrap and loving it. [here's a link to a blog I found when I googled the wrap so you can see it close up] It's done in a 2-row slip stitch pattern that is easy and fun to do. If you look on ravelry, there are 3 in progress with pictures.

I am working the ends of the stripes in as I go because L also reminded me of the pain of doing them all at the end of a striped baby sweater she recently whipped out. A big rectangle with pretty stripes . . . I'm hoping it'll be a good project for mindful knitting because I've been wanting to get that meditating thing going!

Committed (or maybe I should be), Cindy

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pandora's box

Hi, Alene, thanks for the care package of sweets. Chocolate is much more beloved to me since DD's birth so I kept the Dove bars & the magazine and shared the rest ;)

My recuperation gave me time to do something I've been avoiding: go over to YouTube to check out the spinning content. [remember, silk, the alleged reason for starting this blog ; clearly mine needs a lot more twist] Wow, there's some good stuff. I also looked into the Portuguese style of knitting which some say is easier on the body and have been experimenting with it. Fun!

I started a new sweater, knit about 1.5 inches, and frogged it even though it was looking fine and was a good pattern. I want to start a bigger project but just am not in a sweater mood. I am thinking about a Sonoma Mountain Wrap but am not sure if my stash has enough different colors . . . also friend L rightly wonders if a big rectangle won't be a bit boring after a while. More soon, I sincerely hope, love, Cindy

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Get Well Soon!

Hi Cindy!

I heard from your DH that you are under the weather. Hope you get feeling better soon! Here are a few snuggy kitteh pictures to make you feel better! Margi and Ted (Abby too!) send their healing vibe in you direction! Spend your resting time with some good fiber in your hands!

My co-work C made this knitting purse for me. She found the messenger bag some where and added the fabric to the flap and then added pockets to the inside. I'm sure she intended it as just a knitting bag but I've been using it as a full time purse. It's bigger than I normally use but holds my knitting, wallet, and a water bottle for when I go to yoga class.

And finally, a funny picture I found in the LOLcats group on Ravelry.

Feel better soon, A