Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm on the podium! THE SEQUEL

Here's 2 skeins of handspun wool (spun a while back on handspindles) that I dyed with Kool-Aid for a Ravelympics entry in the Downhill Dyeing event. Fun! 

Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm on the podium!

Here's my medal for my first entry in the Flying Camel Spin event in the 2010 Ravelympics!  I made a 2-ply bulky skein of Racka wool on my Roosterick Navajo spindle.

It's a lovely grey, and I'm happy with it although it was softer in the batt than it is now. Hmm . . . I'm also working on some creamy-colored wool on a drop spindle and waiting on 2 previously spun skeins to dry after being dyed with Kool-aid.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Let The Games Begin!

Hurray! Today starts the Winter Olympics, my favorite sports event to watch. Also I am happy that tonight will also start the Ravelympics. I am on Team Spindlers and am excited to do some spinning and maybe some Kool-Aid dyeing. There are so many events that I wanted to do -- it was hard to pick. Are you doing it? If not, we all need a cheering section and you can monitor our progress on Ravelry.

I know what you mean about SOAR. I'm still going to try to save some money to go, but it will entirely depend on my family obligations and how much I've saved when it is time to register. Things should be much calmer around here by October, so at least I can go to the Market on the weekend if the classes don't work out.

EDITED TO ADD: My Ravelympics fiber you can see on my Ravelry stash. To follow Ravelympics in general, go to the Ravelympics 2010 group and check out the special Ravelympics tabs for events and live coverage!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Felted Hat BEFORE, and an Historic Day for Geology

Here's my felted hat before knitting! It's a natural brown because it was the only feltable thing in my stash in the right thickness. That's OK because my plan is to weave a sweet hatband for it. And to felt it before that, of course. 

And the Historic Day: I finally felt an earthquake! One of my very longtime geologist dreams.  There was a 3.8 quake yesterday morning, epicenter approx. 45 miles NW of Chicago, enough to give southern Wisconsin a shake. I woke long enough to wonder why the strong wind outside seemed to make the bed move and then I dropped back to sleep. I remember hearing a rumble but am willing to concede that might have been a snow plow.