Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mystery Spin-Along

Hi Cindy!

Love all the pictures you've been posting! You keep making up for my slacking. Thanks for the magazine subscription! Your card had gotten pushed between election flyers and I found it yesterday when I went through the mail. We tend to pick out the important stuff and let the flyers and junk mail pile up for a week or two, or three.

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago I am participating in a Mystery Spin-Along at Tempe Yarn and Fiber. Since the owners' daughter recently graduated from culinary school they decided to go with a food theme.

Instead of being on a fiber diet, we're indulging in fiber and whipping up some food-inspired yarns. In our fiber pantry we received twelve different colors to mix and create our pallets for each recipe.

Our first recipe was Marinated Salmon Carpaccio. We received the recipe along with their suggested mixing proportions.

It was then up to us to blend the fibers however we wanted and then spin up the yarn. Some of the participants have drum carders or hand cards but I have neither. I fluffed first the fibers for the salmon and then the ingredients for the dressing and spun them separately.

Next I will ply the singles together. Unfortunately my wheel is being a little cantankerous and isn't wanting to take up on the ply. I think when we built it last year we got the drive band too long. I have the set screw all the way in and the drive band still has plenty of slack. I need to take the plunge and cut it to a better length. I'll tackle that tomorrow after work.

Recipe 2 is "Chilled Red Pepper Soup", Recipe 3 is "Pears with Avocado and Lime" and Recipe 4 is "Focaccia with Feta, Pesto Tomatoes and Olives". I have all the fibers separated out but I only have four bobbins so I don't have enough to have everything spun waiting to be plied.

Tomorrow we will get recipe 5 and I'm waiting to see what it will be. We have not yet had a main course or a beverage. And I was trying to imagine what dessert will be. I bet something with blueberries since we got a small piece of navy in the pantry.

On December 5 we will have a Show-and-Tell at the store to see how everybody's yarns turned out. I'll make sure to post a link to it when they have the pictures up. Some people are also posting in the "Fred Made Me Do It" group on Ravelry.

I will close this now. I have some pictures of knitting to post one day soon as well as more cute cat pictures and some of our orange tree. The fruit gets closer to ripe each day. Probably around Christmas it will be ready to pick.

Take Care, A

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Out of control plying

Hi! I really like November. I still love watching snow showers; it's quite pretty. True sweater weather with no need to rush to the shoveling :D

I got a bit of spinning done. I separated out the blue-green part of a Mountain Colors Targhee top and spun the singles from the fold on my wheel. That was fun! Then I wanted to ply it but do a better job than I usually do. Last time I plied I tried a DIY tensioned lazy kate and thought it worked great (cheap too!!). I didn't have quite the right size of basket available, so this time I wound it off on my nostepinne, stuck a size 15 straight knitting needle through the middle of the ball to help me keep the center under control, and plied from both ends of the ball with my largest drop spindle. It came out nicely and mostly under control! I'm going to find a proper size basket for the DIY kate and change my plying ways.

I finally put up a pic of DH's slipper socks on Ravelry. I wasn't really settling on a Shawl Ministry project but now think I'll do a throw but in strips, so I can carry it around easily and not worry about running out of yarn. Later, love, Cindy

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween weekend

Hi! We're having a warm spell here; it was nice to trick-or-treat without winter coats. Since DST wasn't over, it was even a bit light when we started. The kids did get lots of candy.

No school on 30th or 31st for teachers' convention. DH took the 30th off. In the morning, we went to Schuster's Playtime Farm, a venture run by our high school classmate Ms. T. Click on the link about the family and you will see a familiar face. I didn't get a chance to visit with her because the farm was very busy due to the days off from school being so close to Halloween. Their farm is LOADS OF FUN with animals to pet, areas to play in, a kid-size maze with hay to jump in, and lots more. We'll do their big maze some time when the kids are a bit older. The kittens were probably the most popular with DH and DD but it'd be a tough call. :D

On the crafty front, I took a Needle Felted Animals class at the Sow and had a great time. My little bright zebra pales in comparison to the animals created by my classmates but I learned a lot, had big fun, and can't wait to do more. I also have this crazy idea that I'm going to buy a Jacob fleece in the spring from a local farmer I'm acquainted with (OK, it's more than an idea; I've verbally committed to go to the farm to pick it out while the sheep is still wearing it!!! Never worked with a raw fleece before so not sure how I know to pick a good one . . .) So I am going to be strict with myself about working only from stash until then! Only exception would be if I need yarn for Shawl Ministry project but I can probably use yarn donated for that purpose.

We've also been following the election closely. Turnout expected to be very high here. Whew, I'm glad election day is here. Bye for now, C