Saturday, November 15, 2008

Out of control plying

Hi! I really like November. I still love watching snow showers; it's quite pretty. True sweater weather with no need to rush to the shoveling :D

I got a bit of spinning done. I separated out the blue-green part of a Mountain Colors Targhee top and spun the singles from the fold on my wheel. That was fun! Then I wanted to ply it but do a better job than I usually do. Last time I plied I tried a DIY tensioned lazy kate and thought it worked great (cheap too!!). I didn't have quite the right size of basket available, so this time I wound it off on my nostepinne, stuck a size 15 straight knitting needle through the middle of the ball to help me keep the center under control, and plied from both ends of the ball with my largest drop spindle. It came out nicely and mostly under control! I'm going to find a proper size basket for the DIY kate and change my plying ways.

I finally put up a pic of DH's slipper socks on Ravelry. I wasn't really settling on a Shawl Ministry project but now think I'll do a throw but in strips, so I can carry it around easily and not worry about running out of yarn. Later, love, Cindy

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