Thursday, February 11, 2010

Felted Hat BEFORE, and an Historic Day for Geology

Here's my felted hat before knitting! It's a natural brown because it was the only feltable thing in my stash in the right thickness. That's OK because my plan is to weave a sweet hatband for it. And to felt it before that, of course. 

And the Historic Day: I finally felt an earthquake! One of my very longtime geologist dreams.  There was a 3.8 quake yesterday morning, epicenter approx. 45 miles NW of Chicago, enough to give southern Wisconsin a shake. I woke long enough to wonder why the strong wind outside seemed to make the bed move and then I dropped back to sleep. I remember hearing a rumble but am willing to concede that might have been a snow plow.



Alene said...

Cool! I wondered if you might have felt it. I saw that on the shake report on USGS's earthquake site there were reports in Madison. I'm jealous, I live closer to earthquake zones and have never conscientiously felt one, not even the one last year down in Baja that actually caused buildings to be evacuated here in town. Not ours though. One of the numerous applications I've submitted got referred for further review and it is in an earthquake area. In fact they had one just a couple of days ago about 50 mi SW, out in the ocean. I'll tell you more about it if I hear more.

I'm applying for a geologist position @ NCRS with a choice of Madison, Eau Claire, St Paul or Rocheser. Guess which one I'm choosing! If I get it I'll definitely make it to SOAR but if I don't have a job by then, who knows. I'll write more in an email.

Alene said...

That's NRCS, not ncrs. Whoops.