Tuesday, May 20, 2008

You may be right, I may be crazy

Well, despite the collective wisdom of you, me, and L, I am partway through the 2nd stripe of my Sonoma Mountain Wrap and loving it. [here's a link to a blog I found when I googled the wrap so you can see it close up] It's done in a 2-row slip stitch pattern that is easy and fun to do. If you look on ravelry, there are 3 in progress with pictures.

I am working the ends of the stripes in as I go because L also reminded me of the pain of doing them all at the end of a striped baby sweater she recently whipped out. A big rectangle with pretty stripes . . . I'm hoping it'll be a good project for mindful knitting because I've been wanting to get that meditating thing going!

Committed (or maybe I should be), Cindy

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