Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Get Well Soon!

Hi Cindy!

I heard from your DH that you are under the weather. Hope you get feeling better soon! Here are a few snuggy kitteh pictures to make you feel better! Margi and Ted (Abby too!) send their healing vibe in you direction! Spend your resting time with some good fiber in your hands!

My co-work C made this knitting purse for me. She found the messenger bag some where and added the fabric to the flap and then added pockets to the inside. I'm sure she intended it as just a knitting bag but I've been using it as a full time purse. It's bigger than I normally use but holds my knitting, wallet, and a water bottle for when I go to yoga class.

And finally, a funny picture I found in the LOLcats group on Ravelry.

Feel better soon, A

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