Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Daydreaming of lace

Hi Alene, I've been daydreaming of lace lately. Why? The gorgeous Aeolian Shawl from the latest knitty. Beautiful, beautiful, and with an earthy name as well. I hope to make one someday.

More realistically at this point in my life, I should do something a bit less complex since I have almost no experience knitting lace. I'm leaning toward that Mason-Dixon Knitting beauty, Belinda. I also like the Spinner's Shawl. Both of these have the virtue of being done on medium-sized needles for a small-needle-wimp like me.

I've got my fleece all washed now. It looks even better and a lot less yellow (that wasn't pee; it was dirt stuck to lanolin, whew). Fluffy and crimpy and soft. Ahhh.

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Alene said...

MMMm, can't wait to see the washed fleece. I almost got Sandy's fleece while I was back there. She offered it at the party but we didn't have time to pick it up or room to haul it back.

All my lacy attempts have been very small. I have to have a super simple patter or I loose my place and have to rip it out.

Remember the ball of Merino 5 that I got @ the Sow's Ear during late night knitting? It is in the process of becoming a candle flame head scarf, probably for LuDean's birthday. I'll post a picture soon. There's one on my ravelry projects page but I'm at least another repeat farther along.