Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Harry Potter!

And JKR also, who I see in the paper this morning is 44. A good age, don't you think? Even though I have to wait 8 days to find out . . .

Here's a picture from about 2 weeks ago of the family with our 2009 cherry harvest! I haven't done the promised spinning & knitting post yet but have been staying out of trouble with domestic duties, seeing the HP6 movie with DH (we l0ved it), following the Tour in the newspaper, going to the geology museum's quarry fossil hunt, babysitting neighbors' pets, and the like. Only 1 month until school starts and I am both very keen for it and sad to see the summer race by. How did you do on the Tour de Fleece?? Was it fun? I'm thinking we maybe should form a team some year. More soon, love, Cindy, almost 44

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Alene said...

Your birthday present should arrive tomorrow or Tuesday. Go ahead and open the box, there's a bag of things in there for the kids to share. Nothing big, just some things picked up over the last few weeks plus a few barrettes for your DD that were going to goodwill otherwise. The wrapped box I actually found at Cost Plus World Market. The girls at work thought it was yummy!