Monday, September 7, 2009

Take 2

Hello! Hope things are cooling off there, and that the start of fall is going well for you. We're in the midst of tomato harvest (yep, lots of the garden is slow because of our cool summer) and adjusting to school. My house is strangely quiet during the day now. I'm doing a lot of jobs around the house to celebrate (??) my "freedom." I still feel busy but my stress level is going down!

I had to restart my felted bag because it was using way more yarn than I thought it would. I decided to go with a single-strand of yarn rather than the double I was trying and use a simpler color pattern to get the most mileage out of my handspun. I'm now making Hermione's Magic Knitting Bag from the fun book Charmed Knits. I also started my first real lace project! It uses laceweight yarn but on size 6 needles (whew) and is from the All New Homespun Handknit; it's called the Prairie Scarf. I got the book on ebay and it came with some alpaca/silk laceweight (not handspun, but it'll be eons before I have the skill the spin enough consistent laceweight to make anything). I don't have pictures of those yet, but I did update my Ravelry projects page with pictures.

Bye for now, love, Cindy


Alene said...

Did the kids start today or last week? School here started a month ago. Is kindergarten still half day or have they gone to full day like schools here have?

DH started classes a couple of weeks ago. He's taking A&P 2 and Intermediate Algebra. He has class after work MW until almost 9 and then his lab is Saturday, early afternoon. He hopes to be able to apply to nursing school at the end of the sememster although it could take 2 years to get in, the lists are that long.

Alene said...

I've finally gotten lots of pics up on my Rav page too. Lots of baby knitting for a girl @ work. And another of my friends recently announced that his wife is expecting in February so there will be more baby stuff in the next few months.

Cindy said...

School started Sept 1 here, and kindergarten is all day on our district (and most around here, it seems). Oops, size 6 needles made too loose lace for the yarn I'm using (less fuzzy and apparently thinner than the yarn called for, so I have to go small after all (sz 2). But portuguese knitting makes it all ok :)