Thursday, November 15, 2007

Farewell, zippy car

Dear Alene, we are a one-car family now. DH's 1991 Mazda Protege is broken to the tune of $1500 or more; at its age, that's more than we are willing to put in it. Luckily DH's work is close to our home and we didn't need a 2nd car that often. I'm sure we'll miss the convenience. On the flip side, we'll be glad for the financial and environmental benefits of keeping only one car. The car is still in the driveway while we sort out where it goes next. For now, that's all from the land of flurries and stuffed noses, Cindy

P.S.. I loved your silk colors! And I don't know about MD2, soon I hope!

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Alene said...

Bummer about the car. We only had 1 car for almost 7 years before we got the Beetle. Of course we worked in the same office and had an agency truck for most of that time so it wasn't a hardship.

I spun more of the silk this week. I think it's more consistent but still really fine. I'm looking forward to finishing it and plying it. Hmmmm, what to knit with it?