Saturday, December 1, 2007

Doorstep Surprises

Hi Cindy!

Welcome to December! Got your Christmas knitting under control? The first year I knit I made things for a few people, my MIL, my friend, my mom (okay, maybe that was a birthday present since I didn't start it until Christmas day). Last year I decided that I wasn't knitting presents because I didn't want or need the extra stress. This year is the same although DH may now get his socks by Christmas (I'm about to start the heel turns so maybe I can finish them by then.)

But I'm not going to talk about Christmas or even gift knitting right now. I'm going to talk about our wonderful week of doorstep surprises. Most of it wasn't a surprise of what was coming, just when it showed up. The week started off on Monday with DH being disappointed that the box he was expecting hadn't arrived from Musician's Friend. Tuesday rolled around and found his box waiting under the door mat. He's had the big Vox amp for a couple of years after getting a screaming deal (half price or less) on it at Guitar Center. It was a birthday present to himself, probably for his 41st. It is big and does all he wants it to and then some. The little amp on top is the Christmas present he chose. It is actually battery powered and he can take it anywhere. It's got the traditional brown cloth like the ones the Beatles used to have. He's been playing on it all week around the house.

The second "doorstep" surprise was the charming knitting 'zine written by your friends that you sent. It arrived on Thursday. Thank you, it is really neat. I've skimmed through part of it. Pretty cool. I plan to head over to their site and leave a comment. Thanks for the birthday wishes too, a week early. Yesterday was my BIL's birthday as well as one of the admin assistants at work.

The weather forecasters were actually correct in their excited proclamations of the rain storm that we received although they were a little off on the timing (that can be forgiven). It was overcast at 3 am when I took DH to his retreat and still overcast at 9:30 when I got back up. I am so glad I took the day off yesterday. I couldn't have made it in to work until late and was still tired as it was. The rain started around 11:30. Shortly after the doorbell rang and I saw a brown truck in front of the house. I figured that it was the wool and maybe the niddy-noddy since DH had gotten an email on Tuesday night that a 1 pound package had shipped. I figured with the rain I'd better get it in right away.

The rain continued all day and well into the night. It poured at times and other times it sprinkled. I'd say we had at least a full 12 hours of rain. We've gotten at least 1.5 inches here so far and they're saying it could continue raining most of the day today. The rain made it pretty difficult for DH at his retreat. Most of the time they are in either the zendo or the house but the men's urinal is set up as a bucket out behind the zendo, in a muddy patch of ground. Not fun. DH did okay but says it is much harder than he expected.

Anyways, you're probably wondering what the wool looked like and if the niddy-noddy was with it. Imagine my surprise when this is the box I found on the door step, half buried under the door mat. I actually had to entice the cats with yarn to check it out for a good picture. I haven't opened it yet although I probably will today, just to look at the instruction book. I think we'll probably wait until Monday night to put it together unless DH feels up to it tomorrow night. I'll take pictures and write about it as we put it together. I also started that surprise Christmas project yesterday so I'll post about that hopefully tomorrow when it is done.

Stay warm and dry. Thanks again for the zine.


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Cindy said...

Yahoo!!! Can't wait to seeit assembled. We had a snow & ice storm Sat. & are still recovering. MORE soon.