Friday, June 20, 2008

117, or is it 151?

Hi Cindy!

Welcome to this side of summer!
Hope you're staying comfortable. We, most definitely, are not. We've had a full week of "Extreme Heat" warnings and are likely to keep it up for a few more days. It felt extra hot yesterday when I walked out to the car at the end of the day. I was sure it had broken the record of 115. And on the way home the thermometer on the car said 117 so I was sure we'd broken the record. But no, the official temperature at the airport was only 112 for the day. We swam in the pool the other night at 9:30 and it was still warm out. The moon was full and it was a lot of fun although there was a slight breeze that made the skin cool when you got out.
Well, according to Blogger this should be Post #151. Hard to believe we've put out that many posts in just over a year. We have slowed down quite a bit in the last few months but we're still writing so that's a good thing.
As a close, here is an amazing picture of a male hummingbird sitting on the next. My friend Matt helps his wife out with field work on the weekends. She is working on a PhD in ecology and is mostly studying bats. While they were out last weekend they came across this little guy sitting on the nest. He let them take a few pictures of him and then flew around a little to also let them see the eggs below.
Well, I'd better close this up. I'm planning on writing about last week's WWKIP Day activity that I went to in Jerome. Check out Tempe Yarn for pictures from their Virtual KIP Event. I'm there.
Take care, A

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