Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I love my loom

Hi! Here's my little loom. It's a 16 inch Ashford rigid heddle loom. In this picture is my first project, a wool scarf for DH. The warp is gray millspun yarn, pretty thin, given to me years ago, made from local wool. The weft is my handspun, the same yarn as my Sugar on Snow is knitted from, spun from the Blueberry roving I got with the gift cert. from you! I gave the scarf to DH for his birthday. The loom is easy to warp and use. I bought it and several books with the money from selling my standard gauge knitting machine earlier this year. I got the loom slightly used on ebay. I picked a 16" because I pictured mostly small projects or ones that can be seamed and because it seemed like it would be an easy reach across. I'm back to strawberry freezing, designing, and other summer fun now, ciao, Cindy

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