Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Guess what I did!

Hi Cindy,

After weeks of knitting items to contain or dry my long hair I went and did this on Saturday. The hair was starting to drive me crazy. It seemed like it was always in my face even if I had it back in a pony tail. And it was always in my way during yoga, not matter what I tried. I found a picture of me from some time in the mid-90's with my hair in a similar style and decided to take it in to show them. It turned out some what shorter than I might have wanted but it will grow so no harm done. I've tried some downward dog and it seems to stay out of my face pretty well. It is long enough that can put it in a scrunchy if I need to. The stylist cut it before perming and I would have had it bundled for Lock of Love but they only want un-dyed hair. That is the next question for me, to quit dying it and go natural or stay addicted to the bottle. There is quite a discussion thread on the Ravelry Vintage Bitches board about this subject.

There are two things that Margi loves: the camera and looking at herself in the mirror. Here she combines both.

It looks like we might get some rain this weekend from the hurricane hitting Texas/Mexico today. If we get a good storm I'm sure I'll have pictures.

Take care, A


Cindy said...

Looks great! Must feel cooler too. With your lighter hair, I'm guessing that tossing the bottle will not leave you with "high-contrast" hair (grin) like mine . . .

Alene said...

It just turns "dishwater" with a few silver strands sprinkled in it. It will basically be the color my dad's was the entire time I can remember from growing up. It is only in last 5 years, or so, that his has really gone white. My mom's is "high contrast" too, although she still uses a bottle sometimes, and occassionally gets it too dark.