Friday, September 5, 2008

2 FOs and a challenge?

Hi Alene, (I have no idea why my text is underlined so I am choosing to ignore it) here are 2 recent FOs: a baby blanket for my niece (goddaughter #2 is expecting her first in Feb.) and a pair of fingerless mitts form spindle-spun Corriedale.

The baby blanket (whew away went the underlining) I made on my Bond machine as a big piece of stockinette and then the textured stitches are hand-manipulated (off the machine in this case). I learned about this particular technique on Ravelry, and although it looks a little wonky to me, DH says it's nice and agrees it'll be a good size for an infant car seat.

The fingerless mitts are made with the same "pattern" that I use in my Spin and Knit Fingerless Mitts class. It's not much of a pattern, garter stitch worked sideways mostly. Easy and fun. I had a 2 inch piece of yarn left when I finished!

Now for the challenge: do you want to spin a little for Spin-Off's next Your Yarn feature? It's for spindle-spun yarn. We'd need to do a 5-yard piece and get it to them sometime in Dec., I think. Will need to look up the details. What do you think?
:) Cindy


Alene said...

Great FO's! I've made a similar set of mitts from the Weekend Knitting book (and they are) and I've got another pair I started last week that are in the round.

The Challenge sounds fun but let me think on it a little first. While we were camping I found out that the cactusy batt that I'd bought last year at Tempe Yarn and Fiber was infested. Even the fiber already spun on the spindle had to be tossed. Arrrggghhh! Thank goodness it was contained in a ziploc and doesn't appear to have infected anything else. It was so badly infested and eaten up I just pulled it all off the spindle and tossed it. I've cleaned the spindle and am steadying myself to try something new.

I'm planning on writing a post soon but then again I've been thinking that for the last two weeks. I got to distracted with the convention last week and then avoiding the one this week. I actually was seated at the computer on Wednesday night, thinking about writing during the speech but ended up spending the entire time on Ravelry reading all the snarky posts about the speech on the KFO board.

Cindy said...


Either way it's OK. Not like I need another project or anything ;)

Alene said...

My Fall Spin-off arrived Saturday pm so I figured out what the challange is. Of course I searched for it first, thinking it had already arrived.

I started spindling on the rollags I made in spinning class last year. It's been a while since I've had the spindle out.