Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It must be fall

Signs of fall recently observed here:
*DD was flower girl to her oldest cousin (and godmother) on the first Saturday in September
*a squirrel tried to use our clothes reel as a tree (note the large green nut it is carrying)
*I got out my thick robe
*teeth are falling slowly, as are leaves
*the urge to spin cotton has been replaced by the urge to make felted wooly things
*I've been experimenting with making homemade bread
*large quanities of lovely wool have been pouring into the shop!!

I love this season! More soon, love, Cindy

1 comment:

Alene said...

Love the pictures of smiley kids!

The large nut looks like a black walnut. My folks have had several of the trees pop up in the yard since I've moved away and they find the nuts all the time.

Our signs of Fall? The temp is below 100 most days! And the sun sets about 6:30. That's it.