Wednesday, December 31, 2008

When Good Projects Go Bad

Hi Alene, and Happy New Year to you and yours. We had a nice Christmas with most of my family coming over on the 21st. DH's dad visited earlier this month so the gift extravaganza was spread out. As for me, I received yarny things from the family: the new Mason Dixon book, 2 skeins of wool yarn from a favorite farmer's market vendor, and the 2009 Spindlicity calendar! Thank you for my gift certificate; I look forward to spending it as soon as possible :D

I've recently had 2 projects go bad. First was a pair of mittens that I was improvising but they came out way too wide with a too narrow thumb and a too short cuff. Methinks I'll frog them and try again with a little less improvising. The 2nd one is the bedsocks I've been making for the Shawl Ministry. Here's a lesson to pass on: don't try turning the heel on a new sock architecture while watching Wall-E with the pattern book on your lap, no notes, a cuppa coffee on one side, and a 4-year-old asking "Why?" repeatedly on the other. Also it is not easy to make socks to fit an unknown pair of feet from a previously untried pattern. Well, duh.

Am contemplating my New Year's resolutions; post on that soon. Bye for now, love, Cindy


Alene said...

I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one that has to frog stuff from time to time.

Are you generally pretty accepting of what happens with your projects or do they have to be perfect? I usually am pretty relaxed by what comes out but occasionally I have to go back and fix or re-do something.

Last week I wore the beret that I made over the summer. I will have to rip the bottom out and tighten it up, right now it is just loose enough that it slides down.

Cindy said...

I am very relaxed about my projects and their lack of perfection. I do rip if it is not going to fit or looks like crap, of course; I just think of it as part of the process ;)