Thursday, January 8, 2009

Birthday Scarf

Hi Cindy!

Last Saturday was my mom's birthday. I didn't get anything knit for her beforehand so I decided to try a wet felted scarf. I chose approximately an each ounce of cranberry and charcoal merino plus a mix of coopworth and the mystery wool I carded when I took my first spinning class. Probably about 4 ounces total.

I laid a vinyl tablecloth down and used bamboo place mats and old nylon curtains to lay the fiber on. The bottom layer I placed horizontally with the red and grey distinctly separated by white.

The middle layer was only the white, running vertically.

The top layer I mingled the red and grey more with the white between the layers. I then went down the entire mass and started working it over. I had a massage roller with with tiny plastic nibs all over to first work the fibers together. I then folded the nylon curtains over and rolled the mass in the bamboo place mats. I then rolled them back and forth several time, checking frequently.

After felting the layers together, fulling the full piece with hot water and rinsing, I soaked it in vinegar water to get the final bits of soap out before tossing in the dryer for about 15 minutes. This gave it the final bit of fulling before I hung it to dry. I worked on the piece for about 3 hours total and then it took another 2 days for it to finish drying.

I showed my friends at work and they were all impressed by it. It started about 6 feet long and probably 15 inches wided and ended up about 5 feet long and 12 inches wide. I wrapped it up yesterday and sent it off so it should only be about a week late. I used a Knit Picks catalog for the wrapping and for a bow, with a little bit of a Patternworks catalog.

I cut several knitting catalogs into strips last week and made a paper chain for my friend CG's cubicle. Her birthday was on Sunday. She took a picture of them before she took them down so I'll eithe post it here, along with the crown I knit her, or post it on my finished Ravelry projects. It was pretty fun.

Hope you are staying warm! More soon, A


Cindy said...

Wow! I'm TOTALLY in awe. I've made a few misshapen and uneven and holey wet felt but you are clearly a goddess. Maybe you need to give me a lesson in person one of these years ???

Alene said...

After doing the purse class in November I had a pretty good feel for what to do and where I needed to go further. Part of the secret is getting enough coverage so you don't get the holes. There was a spot or two where it is rather thin but no holes.

Dad is retiring on his birthday in March; he'll be 65. I'm hoping on being there at that point and I definitely want to get together while I'm there. Just got to watch the airline prices and figure out when.