Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cat Sweater and another FO

Hi Cindy,

Well, looks like we won't go anywhere this week. We've spent the last two days working on house stuff and there's plenty more that could keep us busy for weeks. Today we tackled the front yard a little and then tried to replace the shut-off valve on the master bath toilet. We ended up calling a plumber for that and he still had problems with it. The nut was seized so tight it ended up breaking off on him. The same guy showed up that fixed our slab leak back in February. He's really knowledgeable and helpful. He showed DH exactly what was wrong and how to fix it on the others.

As you may have figured out from the last brief post I finished the sweater over the weekend. We set up the photo shoot on the bed and got her all ready. It wasn't too hard to get it on, the head was big enough it just went over. It took her about 2 seconds to strip it off. She dropped and rolled. While rolling she brought a back foot up and just peeled off the sweater. It was hilarious to watch. We want to do it again but try to film it this time.

After she had it removed she had to express her opinion of the sweater by attacking it. You can tell by the demon-y eyes that she's possessed. Actually it was just a little bit of kitty frustration. It is amazing how when we mess with any of them they have to show the object that we put on them just who is boss.

I have another quick FO to show off. I knit it over the weekend and wanted to get it felted in time to take to work on Monday but no such luck. I felted it yesterday and it will have to go in with me when I go back on Monday. It is a business card holder. It is mostly the ramboulette that I spun up in class this summer. I started following a pattern for a small knit back but then added the increases along the edge to give it the scalloped effect. The last half round and the bind-off were in a little bit of Noro Silk Garden. There was enough wool in it (55%) to felt just fine. I'm thinking I might try a pencil holder next.

Guess I should close this up and get off to bed. We've got plenty more work to do tomorrow. My old boss is coming by to pick up an old stereo that DH's uncle bought in Viet Nam 35+ years ago.

Happy Knitting! A

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Cindy said...

Nice FOs! Your cat is a riot!