Wednesday, September 12, 2007

WSWF classes, part 1

Hi Alene! Last Friday I took a 6-hr. class called The Shepherd's Rug. We learned how to make a braided rug from roving. Class project was a circular chair pad. In the morning we worked on the braiding part. I liked that you need minimal prep (don't need to cut fabric strips and sew them together before braiding) because making a quilt taught me that fabric cutting is not the fun part. Over lunch they took our braids to the laundromat and felted and dried them. After lunch, we learned about sewing them together and the correct knots to use so they will last.

I brought Rainbow Fleece Farm (New Glarus) roving from my stash that hadn't magically turned itself into a sweater yet and used that for my classwork, which I may use as the middle of a small rug instead of a chair pad. I braided up all that I brought along but didn't get it all sewn. This technique would make nice table mats with thinner braids.

Sorry my pics aren't too good; the light wasn't great and my camera doesn't seem to be true to color indoors. Here's mine so far.
Tomorrow, a post on my spinning class. :) Cindy

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