Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Coming Soon: Blog Tour!

Hi Cindy,

Look what arrived in the mail yesterday. I scanned it quickly last night and hope to study it in depth over lunch today. I'm going to pick my project and will try to send it off to you on Thursday. I have a couple of books and some other stuff to send you too, including some citrus, so it's time to send it off.

As I emailed you the other day we're first up on the 25th. I'll write my entry the night before and post it first thing that morning so it's up all day. If you get a chance to post something that's great but if you're too busy with the kids and real life I've got us covered. The rest of the schedule (with links) is located at Donna's Blog.

The brief listing is:

25 Alene & Cindy @ Knit-N-Spinnin' Kitten blog
26 Carol Metzger @ Carol's Experiments in Textiles
27 Carol Sulcoski @ Go Knit In Your Hat
28 Prudence @ KnitMe
29 Karen & Pearl @ Pearl the Diabetic Cat: A Journey in Patience

1 Deborah Robson @ The Independent Stitch
2 Bella Turek @ Knitsabella Knits
3 Eileen Dobek @ Purling Kitty: A day in the life of a wannabe knitter.
4 Laiane @ It's Furious Balancing
5 Kozy Kitty @ Crazy Cat Lady's Musings
6 Rebecca @ Wanderings
7 Michelle @ Turtle Lover Knits
8 Leanne Dyck @ Designer's Note
9 Mitchypoo @ Knitting and Losing
10 Stacy Elmer @ this that and the other
11 Jadielady @ Jadielady's Thoughts
12 Denise B. @ Nana and the Cats
13 Tracy Philpot @ tracylovesdevons
14 HRH Dani @ Queen of Socks
15 Ladylungdoc @ Purl This!
16 Kim @ Knit-Tea Kitty
17 Theresa Walunas @ The Keyboard Biologist Knits
18 Turtlegirl76 @ Turtlegirl's Bloggy Thing

The baby shower for Lytifa was on Sunday. Today she hits 36 weeks and she's really ready to have the baby. Here she is opening my box of knitted goodies. The pink furry booties were a big hit. I don't have a close-up picture handy here but you can see them on my finished projects page over at Ravelry. Below is the bib and burp cloth set from the Mason-Dixon Knitting book. I love the patterns and I really love the yarn. It is a super soft and smooshy cotton. The washcloth is an increase miter and I used the ends of both balls held together. I love how it turned out.

I also did the cake for the shower. I don't do cakes very often but this one turned out great. I had one of the girls there ask me to do a cake for her sister-inlaw's shower. It's very flattering but I'm not interested in doing cakes all the time.
I'd best close this. I'm taking off on Thursday. My cousin is moving to AZ this weekend and I want to have the house clean before they get here. Maybe I'll be able to write more then. In the meantime, stay warm and don't get buried by snow. And wish your DS a Happy Birthday from us because the card probably won't get there on time. Take Care, Love, A

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