Monday, February 4, 2008

Fiber Finds

Hi Cindy!

We are having our own bit of weather right now. It was cold and threatening rain yesterday so they had to close the roof for the Super Bowl. Today it is still cold and threatening rain. To quote an infamous prez, Bring it On! More rain sounds wonderful.

I planned to write this yesterday during the big game (that we tried to ignore) but DH spent all afternoon playing with his new recorder and trying to get it to talk to the computer.

What I was going to write about was this lovely roving I picked up last week at Tempe Yarn and Fiber. It is some very lovely cinnamon colored alpaca from a cute doe named Reba McIntyre. She lives on the Alpacazona Farm in southern AZ. Margi was excited by the lovely "wild" smell of the roving and wanted to eat it up. I can't wait to try spinning this one, it is so soft and pretty although it still has some vm in it (mostly just leaves from a palo verde tree).

The other thing I picked up was a small packet of soy silk. It's small but the fiber was packed in there. Margi wasn't as interested in this one.
I'll finish this up now and write more later about the finished projects from the weekend. I was feeling icky on Saturday so mostly I spent the day knitting and got quite a bit completed. Maybe I'll have all the baby knitting done by the shower on Sunday.
Take care, A

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