Monday, February 18, 2008

Dispatch from the winter that won't quit

But first, a picture of my birthday boy! Notice the lost tooth (first one, last month). He had a great day. Family party for both kids in March, still wavering (me, not him ;) about the friend party. And here's the cake: a chocolate eclair ring. Yum.

You probably heard we've broken our all-time record for most snow in one winter; we've already had over 80 inches and it is snowing again right now! Good thing I like winter. Good thing we had a bit of a thaw in January or it would be hard to find the front door . . . We all would have happily skipped the inch or so of freezing rain yesterday. Maybe the pic is too small: it's the ice on the clothes line (we were a bit optimistic in late November about hanging the wash out a few more times). We had no power for about 6 hours yesterday and had the dubious pleasure of shoveling water out of the garage. Who knew there was that low spot right under the garage door ?? After about the 3rd time of shoveling, the temp finally dropped enough that the snowbanks stopped melting and the rain mostly turned to snow which is better behaved!

Happily I got a lot of sewing up done on DH's vest; detailed post on that when it becomes a FO. Before that though, probably a post on our home improvement efforts for the year!

Also I'm trying to think up some new classes to teach at my LYS. Any suggestions? Love, C


Alene said...

Store-bought eau claires or home-made? Either way the cake looks totally yummy! Love the snitch and Hedwig. And the smiley birthday face too!

I'm vicariously enjoying all your winter weather from afar, just glad that I don't have to share it.

Cindy said...

Homemade, very easy.

Primary day in WI today! When is/was AZ?

Alene said...

AZ was 2 weeks ago (Super Tuesday). We're now on the list for permanent mail-in ballots so we got ours in January and had them mailed out probably 2 weeks prior to the primary. I saw that over the weekend there were lots of big campaign visits around WI.