Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Behind on blogging

Hi! Hope 2008 has been good to you so far. Here's a pic from one of those cold days with crystal blue skies. To be balanced, I should run out and take a picture of this morning: gray sky, 46F, mucky snow with brown grass exposed. More subzero on its way.

Things are going pretty well here. I'm declaring this year the year of clearing out at our house. We've been here since 1999 and some things haven't moved since we moved in. Now I want that space for other stuff, so look out ebay, goodwill, freecycle, etc! This is a good time of year for it.

I got an aquarium off craigslist and plan to set it up over the next few months with live plants, a new thing for me. I'd like to get into gardening more, having some herbs and maybe a lemon tree in the house but I'm not sure where we'd put them where they would be safe from feline "help."

DS lost his 1st tooth on Sunday, a long-awaited event. We went skating on Saturday: 1st time for DD, DH on his boots. I'm loving Ravelry and narrowly escaped signing up for the gardening equivalent (I'd be out of time for actual hobbies then :) Spinning is going well and the knitting too. Even dabbling in a bit of crochet on my freeform vest. Here are a couple of things I picked up in December for the vest.

Two nieces, the oldest and youngest on my side of the family, are getting married this year, one in Feb and one in Sept. My little sister's baby is adorable and will be one on Feb 16!

I feel like I've forgotten several things in my rush to catch up. Pictures of WIPs soon I hope. Love, Cindy

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Alene said...

Was your DS hoping the baby would come a day earlier so they could share birthdays?

I love the freeform stuff, just haven't had the courage to try it myself.