Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

Hope your family had a happy and safe New Years eve and day. We were home by about 9:30 but there were still drunken crazies on the road at that time. Fortunately we avoided them and made it home in one piece. We heard the 10 pm fireworks from downtown Tempe but went to be about an hour before midnight. Yesterday we celebrated by changing the oil on the car, raking leaves in the back yard and cleaning the pool. Wow, excitement.

Here are a few pictures of my main stash areas although little bits extend into the front closet, the drawer in the buffet and something always rides with me to work even if I don't actually work on it.

The first picture is of the portion of the stash that is currently living in our bedroom. I really hate it there and would like to move it into the back bedroom so it can live with the rest of its friends. As you can see almost everything lives in plastic containers which probably don't give the fibers much breathing space. The good side is that the did keep the critters that infiltrated last year well contained so they didn't infect the entire stash. You probably haven't had much to worry about since you keep your stash in that lovely cedar chest.

Over the next few weeks I plan to go through the stash and cull some of the yarns that can happily go to charitable knitting. I don't really have time for much of that myself but my one LYS takes donations. I am also toying with the idea of knitting little swatches out of the ones that I keep and pinning them to some foam core. I'd like to knit them on the recommended needles so that I could have a starting estimate for gauge. I'll keep you posted on how far that goes.

As far as other New Year's Resolutions go, I generally don't make any that I write down. I more look at this time as a fresh start, time to renew my on-going improvement needs. I also like to have things started, or at least have them planned, before the holidays actually start. This year I am taking a yoga class on Tuesday nights, starting next week. We are also planning on trying to go on some kind of hike once a month. DH and I both need new hiking boots so this month's hike may be a super easy one, we'll see. DH is also going to buy a weight bench to put out on the back porch for us to use.

Take care, more soon, A

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Cindy said...

Dad only brought the cedar chest about a month ago. Before that I used plastic bins too. I think they are supposed to be better than plastic bags, and except for whatever happened to the Finn wool before I felted it (might have nothing to do with its storage), I had no trouble with stuff in plastic bins.