Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Hi Cindy!

I've been a big ol' slacker on the blogging side of things lately. Mom sent me an email this morning of a citrus festival along the Italy-France border. I found this picture the most interesting of the bunch--a spinning wheel decorated with citrus! Pretty good sized too, those palm trees in the background are up to the second story of the building behind. Just think what size needles you'd need to knit something spun on this wheel!

Knitting-wise I've mostly been working on small projects that I can finish up in a day or two. I don't have a lot of attention for more. And it's been relatively cold so I only feel like sitting under a blanket with a warm cat on top of me. I did finish a bib over the weekend (no picture) and knit an i-cord necklace that I still want to felt. I'll post a picture of that when it's done.

Last week one of DH's coworkers had a birthday and he wanted to get her something. He found a candy cane air freshner that smelled really yummy and I knit a little gift bag to put it in. The yarn is a mohair(?) boucle that I got a partial ball of in a bag from Goodwill. It is a mix of pink, pale green, tan and a touch of lavendar. The ties are just a couple of lengths of Lion Brand Suede left from the hats I made for the twins during the first Knitting Olympics. It took me all day Sunday to knit it up since I was using size 4 needles and getting distracted by other things. I hope she liked it (he says she did) and that maybe she can find another use for it. It's hard to say with gifty knitting.

I was a bit disappointed with the outcome of Sunday's game. I even watched it which doesn't happen hardly ever. The disappointment came because my parents were going to come out for a visit if the outcome had been better. Not that they'd go to the game here but it would have been fun to have them out here with all the other cheeseheads. Same thing happened last time the Superbowl was here. This time it is on the other side of the valley from us.

In parting I leave you with a picture of a snuggy warm cat. She's decided that she really likes the space heaters we use and will plant herself right next to it if she can. She sits there for a while and then turns around so the other side gets toasty too. Barring that she'll burrow herself into or under a blanket. That's what she's done here. It's a good thing we don't live somewhere it get's really cold. Of course with her short hair she feels it easier than the others. And it's been running in the mid 60's in our house too. Brrrr!
Take care and stay warm! Love, A

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