Friday, July 20, 2007

Fiber Fiend

Hi Cindy!

I gather that you are home from the Northwest. Good weather I hope?

As you can see I finished spinning and plying the roving I've been working on the last 2 weeks. I really like it. They have 4 more of the same color so I may have to pick up another one so that I can make something from them, maybe a scarf for my mom. I also bought a hand painted silk roving that I may have to work on next week.

Last night I used the Ashford Joy again. I like it quite a bit and am leaning towards it. I also like the Ashford Traveler and Kromski Minstral. The Joy does have the advantage of being easy to pack up to put away or take along. Tempe Yarn and Fiber has a spinning group the first Thursday of each month and it would be fun to go spin with them. DH actually said last weekend that he might like to try it out once I get one. Should be interesting to see how that works out.

We have a new nickname for the Spinnin' Kitten. She is now the Fiber Fiend (note the glazed eyeball). I think I wrote earlier about her nabbing a bit of raw fleece last week. When we got home from work yesterday we found that she'd figured out how to get into 2 of my lock down places for yarn and knitting. She had opened the magnetic latch on the entertainment center where I sometimes put the sock for short periods. She had also moved and got the lid off the plastic storage bin where the living room projects reside. She had my sock strewn into the back bedroom, DH's prayer shawl (all 1 inch of it) pulled out and another ball of sock yarn pulled from it's bag and the ball band shredded. At least we got home before she chewed any of the yarn to bits. DH jokes that I could lock it away in a closet and she'd be on eBay to buy a lock picking set just to get at it.

We are patiently awaiting a certain arrival tomorrow. According to the UPS website it is in town and has been scanned for delivery. We betting when it will actually arrive. I'm going to a jewelry party my friend J is hosting so it will probably come while I'm gone. DH is likely to snap it up and read it first. I'll have to sneak it when he's not looking and get a few pages in. No clues about what happens until we both finish.

I talked to my friend L yesterday. Although they think she's only a month along she says she's already showing. She thinks she could be farther along. Or she's got A's problem and will have twins on the way. She's not thrilled about that idea. I'll see her tomorrow at J's party.

Guess I'd better get going. I don't think we're getting a storm tonight although last night it didn't hit until about 10 pm. We about lost the fence and the power did go out for a minute or two. The rain would be nice but we don't need the wind and dust.

More later, A

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