Sunday, July 8, 2007

What a fiber-loving family packs for vacation

In carry-on: Interweave Felts and knitscene magazine, a mini-loom from Schacht to work on with DS

In checked bag: not Hedwig (still same size as in pic from previous post), Schacht 1.1 oz. spindle, undyed silk caps

I thought about bringing the 2 silk spinning articles (here's one, and the other) from the Winter 05 Knitty but I usually bring too much stuff . . .


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Alene said...

Doesn't sound like too much to me. On our trip I took: my sock, DH's socks, DH's meditation shawl, and my spindle with the plum roving. Book-wise I took: 2 previous issues of Spin-off, the book for the toe-up socks, a Spin-Off compilation on hand spindles and another book on hand spindles. I also too "Son of a Witch", the sequel to "Wicked" but didn't read any. Our car trip is probably about as long as your flying but I didn't have to deal with kids and transfers.