Friday, July 13, 2007

Hollywood, pt 2

Hi Cindy!

Hope the vacation is going well. This week has flown by although some of the minutes were actually quite slow. Not much knitting this week. I've been trying to re-read HP:HBP in prep of the new one coming out next week. I also watched Goblet of Fire the other night, it's been a while since I've seen it.

Here are a couple of pictures your DS will like. They are located at Cabazon, CA, about 15 minutes west of the Palm Springs exit. They are in a narrow pass that, as you can see in the pictures, is quite windy. Just east of these guys is where the giant wind farms start.

Let's see, I think I said I'd write about yarn stores in LA. I actually only got to visit one in West Hollywood on Melrose. It is the Knit Cafe. It was a nice little place, rather high-end. I probably would have bought something there but I had DH trailing along. Nothing like a spouse to dampen your yarn buying excursion. They had a nice little selection of yarns. They even had the brightly colored cotton yarn I bought in your store for GMIL's hat. Afterwards we walked down the street to the Bodhi Tree Bookstore. DH wanted to look at the zen books.

On Sunday afternoon we also walked around in Hollywood looking for Black Sheep Knittery on Yucca near Vine but couldn't find it. It looks like they're not open on Sunday anyways so it was no problem.

Sunday morning while DH was at the zendo I went to the Farmers' Market to drink coffee and knit. While there I noticed the pinkie on my right hand was bruised. It is hard to see in the picture but it was definitely bruised. It made knitting a little sore. I'm not quite sure how I did this but I think it was yarn induced. I don't do the thing with lacing the yarn back and forth over the fingers of my right hand. I just look it around the pointer and then hold the tails with the pinkie. I think I must have been holding too tight and almost strangled the little finger. It hurt on the way home too but has healed by now.

While heading to the Farmer's Market after dropping DH off, I notice a rather scuzy pond next to the road behind an iron fence. It took me until I was almost past it to realize it was the La Brea Tar Pits, not just an algae covered puddle. I would have liked to visit but we didn't go back by there. Something for the next trip, one of many.

I guess I should close this up and head to bed. DH has been asleep for at least 2 hours. Tomorrow or sometime this weekend I'll post about spinning class. And I've got to dig out baby patterns again, my friend L called this morning to say she's expecting. Her DD is about a month older than you DS so it's been a while for her.

Take care, A

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Cindy said...

Ugh! Nasty stuff. Knitter down here yesterday here with a migraine. Thankfully rare and over by midday. Re-entry after vacation is hard enough without that.