Thursday, July 5, 2007

Hi Cindy!

Hope your Fourth was a good one. We had a guy out to give us an estimate on the new fence. Something about 30 years of sun, hot and termites causes a wood fence to give up the ghost. Fortunately my grandmother had an insurance policy that she left to the 12 grandchildren. My portion won't quite cover the fence but it mostly does. Pool Party as soon as the fence is complete! Everyone is invited! Ted's bringing the drinks! (And yes, he likes the taste of the dark stuff; it's called Moose Drool.)

So, what is hotter than 115 and no humidity (4%)? Try 117 with 15% humidity. Yay. Yesterday there was not a cloud in the sky. Today little wispy ones were around early and the tell-tale signs of monsoon storms forming in the eastern skies. Of course we won't get any of those for a few days yet.

Let's see, I promise some fibery goodness the other night didn't I? Tuesday night I dropped DH off at the zendo and then went to check out my 2 favorite fiber stores, Tempe Yarn and Fiber and Fiber Factory. Both have move locations in the last 2 months. Neither one very far but they are in new digs.

I went to Tempe Yarn first. There I got another skein of the tofootsie that I made MIL's socks from, same color. I figure I have enough left from her socks that I can make myself a pair of socks, just a little longer. I also got a bat of fiber in a green and brown mix. It reminds me of the desert. Margi had to check it out right away. It got 2 paws up.

Afterwards I went by Fiber Factory to pay for my new class. Beginning Spinning 1.5 starts tonight, in about an hour and a quarter so I can't dawdle on this too much. I didn't buy any fiber or yarn there although I did get the Spring 2007 Spin-Off. Something to read on the way to LA. I will probably buy something tonight since I have the class discount and need a project to start on. Mmmmm, wonder what it will be? Might have to wait till next week to find out.

In May I bought a sweater at Goodwill with the plans of ripping it out and dyeing it. For a dollar or so I figured I could torture it and experiment. Margi had other ideas. I did start ripping it out last night but it is pretty difficult. I think (hope?) it's mohair and everything sticks to itself. If I ever get it frogged I'm going to kool-aid dye it. Then we'll see. Maybe just a cat bed.

Well, we're off to LA in the morning. I'll take plenty of pictures to share. And I'm planning on checking out at least 1 yarn shop, probably the one on Melrose. Have a good trip next week if I don't talk to you first! A

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