Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fence, storms, and finally some knitting

Hi Cindy!

Our fence mess seems to have resolved itself. No word from the neighbor in a week. Here is a picture of the fence before (remember the rain?).

Here is a picture of roughly the same angle although it is a little earlier in the evening. A storm is blowing into the north valley and we're waiting for it to come our way.

The new fence comes up several inches higher. It is a full six feet high instead of 5.3 or so. We were talking earlier about which storm would have knocked the old one down because it was bound to happen one of these nights if we hadn't gotten the new one put in.

We had a huge storm yesterday on our way home from work. It started raining about a third of the way home and kept it up for a couple of hours. We had quite a bit of street flooding in several places, even at the end of our street. The most impressive was driving through the Papago Buttes/Phoenix Zoo/Desert Botanical Garden area and seeing washes running and flooding out onto the road way. At ASU Maricopa County Flood Control measured almost 1.5 inches and we probably had about that much too. I don't know if we'll actually get a storm tonight. It looked like we were going to get blow-out a couple of hours ago from the south but that just dissipated. There was another one to the east that fizzled. Maybe the one from the north will bring us something.

So after finishing Harry a second time I've finally gotten back to knitting. Am I knitting my sock that is 3/4's finished? No, time to start a new project.

On a lark I started a log cabin blanket from Mason-Dixon Knitting. I am using some nice, clearance yarns I bought last year. Even at clearance it is still going to be a pricey piece. I'd love to get it big enough for the bed but I don't know if I can knit a queen-sized blanket. Here it is this morning. I've almost finished the current ball (Silk Garden-bottom left) I'm working on. Since it has color changes in it I'm just knitting straight and will change yarn when I finish a ball. I am thinking about using the heather yarn I spun in it too. I think the color would mesh nicely.

I'm going to finish this up with a picture of the Spinnin' Kitten in a more contemplative mood. She has decided she really likes laying on the desk while you're at the computer. This is fine while reading Knitty but makes it hard to do work when I'm telecommuting. She also likes to block your view when your playing a game (Cubis Gold is my fave).

Tomorrow, look for an upcoming project and interesting things I've found recently.

Take Care, A


Cindy said...

I love the Mason-Dixon book and your square is great! Your cat is a cutie, too ;)

Working on a queen-size (but very beginnerish) quilt, I'll agree that it is a mighty big project . . . but I think a knitted one would be great and have thought about knitting one myself someday, in squares so it would be portable.

Alene said...

I have thought about doing it in blocks so that it would be portable. It will soon become too big and hot to carry anywhere anyways. I started with size 7's on the center block, moved up to 8's for the first strip and then on to 10's and now a 13 circ. The yarn farther out takes larger needles and is giving it an airier quality as I move out.

I Love the M-D book too. Last year I made the baby kimonos for my friends twins. May have to make something from it for L's baby.