Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Finds and Plans

Hi Cindy!

Well, we didn't get a storm last night although parts of north Scottsdale really got hit. One condo complex had part of their underground garage flood. And we're not talking Fords or Chevies, we're talking Mercedes and Acuras. And the developer is not taking responsibility. Also near there a new housing development was flooded out due to regrading on an adjoining development. There were 8 swift water rescues in that area last night.

We've also missed out on rain so far tonight. There was a large storm over South Mountain about 2 hours ago but it never hit, it just kind of dissipated. Maybe later.

Last night I promised to tell you about some of my recent finds. About 2 weeks ago we went down to Changing Hands Bookstore. It is a nice mix of new and used books. They used to be on Mill Ave when it was still funky like State Street but it's gone corporate. This one in south Tempe has been there for a number of years and there is a Wildflower Bread Company right next door so you can get coffee and read. I found this. I think it was new, it wasn't marked like a used book. I've been slowly reading it but I'm only partway through the first chapter talking about color theory. It looks great and I can't wait to get farther into it.

Remember how we used to go to the book exchange when we were in high school. We have an even bigger and better one here in town. Bookman's is located in Mesa and they have other ones in Phoenix, Flagstaff and Tucson. They have tons of used books plus magazines, videos, records, tapes, cd's computer stuff, sheet music... The list goes on quite a ways. We've been taking books in there for years. We also got rid of DH's gameboy and games there. I'm usually able to get some fairly new novels there and DH scours the vinyl for old folk records. We went there on Sunday after lunch at Dragon Fly.

I'm pretty full up on books right now so I wasn't really looking for any novels. And their craft books are always picked over. In fact I don't think they had anything knitting or fiber related. Their craft magazines are usually just tons of quilting and cross-stitch ones (old ones at that). This week, however, I found a treasure trove. On closer inspection the three FiberArts had only been there since Friday and the American Craft only a month. I picked the most interesting looking ones. I would have grabbed a couple of more except I didn't know how much credit we were going to have and DH was getting 2 books and 3 albums. Part of me wants to go back and see if any more are still there.

My friend L that is expecting ended up in the ER the other day. She has this thing when she's pregnant that the taste of her own saliva makes her ill. She's been having a rough time of it and wasn't able to eat or drink for a few days, hence the trip to the ER. She has a due date of March 19 although she hasn't had her ultrasound yet so that could change.

It's nice to know though that I should have 7 months or so to knit stuff. Here is the first thing I have planned. The pictures are hard to see but it's a bunny hat and bunny booties. Instead of alpaca like called for in the pattern I chose a bamboo yarn by Coates and Clarke. Fiber Factory had it on sale and it is pretty soft. I used another bamboo yarn last year for booties for the twins and a hat for GMIL.

I'd best close this and head to bed. I don't know if I'll write again for the next few days. We are hoping to go camping with a few people from work up near Happy Jack. Here is one link to the area and here is another. I'll have to finish getting stuff ready tomorrow night because we're going to head out directly after work on Friday. We will probably get pretty wet up there, that area has been getting quite a few storms lately. I'll take pictures and report on it next week. Hopefully I'll be able to find a rock to sit on and knit or spin.

Take Care, A


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Great finds! I have Colorworks by the same author and like it a lot. Did you know she is from Middleton?

Alene said...

I saw that in her bio in the book and briefly wondered if you'd come across her in your fiber community.