Tuesday, August 21, 2007

UFO's- Progress?

Hi Cindy,

Hope you have dried out from the weekend. We have heated back up. The record today is 110 and we stand a good chance of breaking that. They are predicting a chance of rain for the weekend though; possibly the moisture from Dean will push far enough west to get caught up in our wind flows.

Margaret has been perusing my UFO's and she's concerned that I have too many WIP's to accomplish much anytime soon. I think she's trying to use occulmency to figure out what I was thinking when I started all of these or maybe she's trying to use her mind power to just get me to leave more knitting around so that she can "help".

You may have noticed the new sock project that appeared on my list last week. One website I love to poke around on when I'm bored is Knitting Pattern Central. They have tons of free patterns that are lurking out there on the web.

About 2 weeks ago I found the Bellatrix pattern linked from there. It was one of three Harry Potter themed sock patterns featured last month over at Socktopia. The others are Fawkes and Nagini. I've saved all three and will probably try them in the future. I've just started the cuff on Bellatrix. I always have to modify the upper part of the legs since mine are so big so I added an extra repeat on the first needle. Hopefully that will be enough. I am using the same yarn that I made MIL's birthday socks from. I had a lot left and bought another ball in case I want to make them longer. Oh, and I'm re-reading the series too. I found my book mark from the last time I read the whole series. It was the campground layout for the place we stayed in Moab on the way back to our wedding party four years ago. I'm about a third of the way through Chamber of Secrets.

Here are DH's socks. A couple of inches of progress since the last time I posted them. The endless stockinette is taking forever. I've had DH try them on but I have an inch or two more before I start the increases. He really likes the yarn though so he'll be happy with them. He wants to use them as zen socks so I need to have them done by the time Roshi comes for the 3 day. That will probably be at the end of November--three months. He's hoping to get measured for robes soon so he can have them by that time too.

Here is another new project I started last week. I'm planning that it will be a purse out of these two ribbon yarns. They are both Trendsetter Calliope that I got at Tuesday Morning last year. I thought to make a scarf out of them but nothing I tried was making me happy so I decided on a purse instead. I have one ball each of two different colorways so I mixing them, two rows at a time. It is simple mindless knitting that is great for in the car while commuting.

Looking at all these pictures you might think I have to pose Margi with the yarn. Wrong, she loves the camera and comes running whenever I get it out. I took one picture of the Bellatrix set-up and then there she was, ready to ham it up. The combination of yarn and camera really draws her attention.

Take care, stay dry and finish that ark (felted I presume?) Later, A

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