Friday, August 31, 2007


Hi Cindy!

Love the mittens although from here they just look too hot. As you may have seen we've broken our record for days over 110. Wednesday was 29 days and yesterday was 30 but at least there's maybe some relief in sight. By the end of next week we may have rain and the upper 90's. Sounds like a nice change.
Did you hear about the Mrs. American contestant that got bit by a rattlesnake? It was in Tucson at the Loew's Ventana Resort. They had her on the morning news this a.m. and she actually seemed pretty articulate. She's from Tenessee and she said that Mrs Iowa pulled the snake's fang out of her foot and Mrs Wisconsin called 911. She ended up in intensive care for part of a day and the poison had reached her ankle by the time the anti-venom took effect.
As I commented after your post the other day, we got our carpet put in on Tuesday. It looks great and we will probably have the other rooms not covered by insurance done here in the next year or so. (I'll try to edit this tonight with a picture but haven't taken one yet.) The rest of the house is still pretty much thrashed from moving everything out of the two rooms. The only thing that is mostly back in place is the china cabinet although the doors are still off it. We actually culled out quite a few glasses and now we need to look at books before they go back on the shelf and maybe movies.
In all the turmoil Ihaven't gotten much knitting done. I've knit a few rounds on the purse but that's while commuting with DH. I'm hoping we'll get the house set back up on Saturday and then have some time the rest of the weekend to be creative. Yay for long weekends! Maybe DH's brother will come down for a cookout. He hasn't seen the new fence yet.
On Wednesday DH had a second interview for one of the positions he's applied for and now he's waiting for an offer. He has another interview this coming Tuesday for a different postion that's a little closer to what he does. One of the women that he works with is also interviewing for that position and he thinks she stands a better chance. She also needs to get out of their agency pretty badly. She is 5 months pregnant and her doctor has told her to quit because the stress is too much. The problem is that she's the one carrying the insurance and she can't get other without getting a different position.
DH also got a recruiting call the other day for another position with that same agency so he knows that his time is limited in the current position. It will be nice when he finally gets out of there into a new agency, which ever one he goes to.
Guess I'll close this up. Have fun this weekend at the wool festival, I expect a full, detailed report with pictures.
Stay dry! A


Cindy said...

The wool festival starts Sept 7, and I'm looking forward to it! I did hear about your obscenely hot weather. Weird that you had it at the same time we had our wettest month ever. It's dry and seasonable now for the last few days and I love it.

Alene said...

Yesterday was day 31. We've also now officially had the hottest summer on record. The average temp for June thru August (day and night) this year is 95 degrees. The old record average was 94.7. The only record we're not near breaking is the number of days over 100 which is 143; we're at 97 and hopefully this won't last another two months.

Alene said...

We did it again today. 32 and counting. Storms threatened from the northeast but evaporated before they got here.