Friday, August 10, 2007


What a pretty post for my bday! Gorgeous fish. A big thanks for my birthday package. The silk roving is amazing!! The books will be fun too after I finish the HP pile metaphorically on my bedside table (I'm up to Prisoner of Azkaban now). I also really liked your clever homemade swatch card!

I haven't heard any podcasts yet; likely that'll be when the kids are a bit older. I did enjoy an Interweave Press interview with Stephanie P-McP. about spinning. Is your second spinning class over? What sorts of things did you learn? Cindy

p.s. I added 2 blogs to our list: one with loads of spinning info and a great knitting one (highly recommended by Ms H, Fearless Yarn Leader at work).

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Alene said...

That silk roving caught my eye at the first spinning class and I knew it had to go home with me, it just took 6 weeks for it to find it's way into my clutches. I also picked up one with berry colors for my self. I haven't tried it yet on the spindle, I think it will have to wait for a wheel.
The base of the card is a bit left over from my first pair of toe-up socks. The numbers were a Goodwill find. Hope you had a good day on Wednesday.