Thursday, August 23, 2007

Upcoming Classes

Hi Cindy!

This week I signed up for two classes in November over at Fiber Factory. The first is Intermediate Spinning. It is Tuesday nights in November and is pretty much just a continuation of the classes I took this summer. It is probably going to be a lot of the same that we covered in the second class. I'm just looking at it for additional time on a wheel. We're planning on getting one after Kelly gets a different job. Hopefully that won't be in the too distant future.

The second one I signed up for is Solar Dying. It is on the third Saturday in November. After your escapade a few weeks ago I thought I'd give it a shot. I just need to pick out some plain fiber or yarn to dye. Both classes are taught by the same instructor that I had this summer.

I tell you all this because I went over there tonight to pay for the classes. While there I couldn't resist picking up a few things. I'm sure you recognize the magazine as one from last fall. I needed a set of #3 needles for my reduction on the Bellatrix socks. And the yarn was on sale for 20% off plus they gave me the 15% class discount. It is Karaoke by Southwest Traders. It is going to become a hat for DH and maybe something else too. If it were a colder climate he'd get a scarf out of it but I can't fathom what he'd use a scarf for here. It is 50% Soysilk and 50% wool so it will felt nicely.

DH is doing a retreat this weekend so I am thinking about painting one of the walls in the front room. We are going to get the carpet replaced soon so I want to get it painted first. Look forward to pictures of it this weekend.

It sounds like it is blowing out so I'm going to finish this and go check. They are still saying we'll get rain from the remnants of Dean sometime this weekend. That would be nice since it's been so stinking hot again. Stay Dry! A

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Cindy said...

Ah, painting. One of the many projects I thought I'd get to when the long weeks of a mellow summer stretched before me . . . in my mind at least. Your classes and projects are cool.

Tomato time here so I am happily refocused on the garden. Did get some spindle spinning done this week and mitten work.

Have you checked out Spider Spinning Jenny yet? She has loads of spinning info on her blog. Back to Book 5 and the tomatoes (sauce to freeze this afternoon).