Sunday, August 19, 2007

I should be knitting me an ark . . .

It has been raining so much here this month, yikes! I plan some posts on my WIPs soon and want to get back to the silk spinning. I simply can't believe it's only ~2 weeks until school! Do I sound like a broken record yet?

DS came by and says to tell you he loves you and wants to visit. Well said! Cindy

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Alene said...

Wow, I saw at that you guys got about 4.5 inches over the weekend. I think you exceeded what we've gotten this year in less than 2 days. Best knit up that ark quick.
Tell DS that we'd love to have him visit and bring the rest of you too. The water in the pool is 90, almost like a bath.
ASU starts today but most of the younger kids started either last week or 2 weeks ago.