Tuesday, August 28, 2007

WIPs, part 2

Hi Alene! Here are some more of my works in progress. First, a cream-colored sample cabled mitten; next to it of some orange tweed for a "plain" mitten and my top-down sweater in progress.

We continue to be very wet here. I hear this is the wettest month ever recorded in my fair city, over a foot of rain and more predicted! Gardening catch-up and school are the big topics here. Need to get back to the quilt next week once school starts. Here are some non-knitting WIPs
(DS and I tried out salt dough "clay"):

Yum, tomato sauce. Your house looks great. Inspires me to got some painting going too! Ciao, Cindy

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Alene said...

The purple and grey look great together. It looks like it will be a nice sweater.

Mittens, what are mittens?

MMMM, tomato sauce. You have much more ambition than I do. By the way, I just opened the red current jam you sent. It is yummy!

Your DS's smiley face is very cheery. Is he excited about school?

The carpet installers called yesterday @3 to tell us they're coming this morning between 8-10. We got all the books and breakables moved last night and this morning and they'll move the furniture out of their way as needed, even the piano. It will be the closet and front room where the water leak was, the family room and the hallway to the two spare rooms, everything that is contiguous without a door. We're getting all this because the water damage extended out of the closet and into the front room. Otherwise coverage would have been limited to just the closet.