Monday, October 1, 2007

Abandon ship?

Hello Alene, hope things are going spinningly in lovely Arizona. We're still adjusting to our fall life which is a big change from our summer life, esp. since school became part of the mix. Didn't finish all the things I hoped to do in September but that hasn't stopped me from having big plans for thenew month.

I started a rectangle vest on my Bond machine but it is not coming out the way I pictured it at all. Not the machine's fault, but a result of a odder mix of colors from stash and a slightly too thick handspun that keeps clogging up the carriage . . . it's the one I was hoping to highlight too. So the project is officially abandoned, and I'm thinking maybe of using the yarn for a scarf. Hmm. The bag is coming along very well. More soon. Cindy

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