Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Lunchtime knitting

Hi Cindy,

I had planned to write yesterday during a break from telecommuting but I ended up talking to my mom. Today was the first hearing on my grandmother's estate and we talked about a few of the issues that might come up. The lawyer's office made a typo in the last version and my uncle is now contesting the entire thing. Mom and her two sisters were there with the estate attorney and my uncle came with his. Three of his kids showed up too. I guess they thought if they showed up it would lend support to their side. Or maybe they thought they'd get checks right then. Part of me is glad I wasn't there but I also offered Mom that I'd come for the next hearing if necessary. So there's a vague possibility that I'll be back there in December right before my birthday. I used to think growing up that Mom's family was close but it isn't any more. I have had little to do with my uncle's family since they blew-off our wedding and this just re-affirms my feelings towards them. A sad state of affairs.

I've been working on a strap for DH's new mandolin. I started it just flat and planned to sew it up but decided that it would work better in the round. The yarn is a hand-painted mohair-wool blend by Brown Sheep called Tropical Water. I'm actually planning on writing this up as a pattern (my first one!) since there are few patterns out there for guitar straps and none for anything smaller.

This strap will end up being about 45 inches long when I finish knitting it. The top foot or so is in black Cascade 220. It will have two I-cords at the upper end so that it can tie around the neck. Once it is all knit I plan on felting it so that it is less stretchy and more supportive.

I have been mostly knitting it during my lunch at work. Since DH left his other job and started the new one we haven't been eating lunch together so I have more knitting time. We are close enough that we can still carpool but lunch will only be an occasional thing now. His new office is down by the Capital while mine is in uptown Phoenix. It only takes me about 10 minutes to get to my office in the morning but 15-20 when I go and pick him up at the end of the day.

Anything planned for the big anniversary coming up?

More soon, A

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J Sews said...

Hey, I'm a knitter and a new mandolin player... LOVE the idea of knitting a mandolin strap. How does your DH like it now that it is felted?