Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What have I been up to . . . and FO

Hi Alene! Despite the back & forth weather, we are in the thick of fall activities. Work, teaching knitting, teaching relig. ed., and crafting are going along well for me. Work, school, and lots of playing are going fine for the rest of the family. Crunchy leaves, plans for Halloween, tucking in what's left of the garden, and the end of our CSA season next in line.

As I mentioned somewhere above, I tried to sew some mittens out of a recycled sweater. It came out like a recycled sweater oven mitt and even that was hard to sew, due to the thickness of the fabric layers and my inexperience with this sort of sewing. So I got out some natural-colored bulky wool and knit DD a pair of mittens. Happily it doesn't take much time to make bulky mittens for a 3 year old. I updated my projects on our blog sidebar and am looking forward to some spinning! Cindy

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