Monday, October 8, 2007

Knitting Needle Knitting Bag

Hi Alene, I finished my bag this weekend! I wanted to make it from stash. My purply-not-solar-dyed yarn would be cute . . . but it was much thicker and there wasn't a lot of it. I ripped the first few rows several times until I got bigger needles and figured out an alternative to the p3tog (try that on sz. 15's, ugh). And where are the berries in berry stitch?? Duh, on the purl side! So I did use the purply, knitting both sides at once on 2 sets of needles until there was no more of that yarn, then switched to some orange with bits of purple I had leftover from a mitten sample. It worked great doubled. Then I used my pretty Peace Fleece needles at the top (I love them but don't use straight needles that often, so why not show them off this way?). The handles are Heilo doubled, knit on size 9's. I sewed it up at the Sow's Ear anniversary party & grand reopening; made a lining at home the next day. Just the right size for spindle spinning or a small knitting project. I am really happy with it.

We went to get pumpkins in weather more suited for sweet corn and tomatoes. Weird weather year. A front is supposed to come through today, dragging our fall weather behind it. I'm keen for sweaters! If you come in December, I hope to see you (and you might need a sweater too ;)

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Alene said...

Wow, that is a huge bag. Just look at the dino for scale ;0

Actually it looks really great. I love the colors.