Saturday, October 27, 2007

Help wanted

No, I'm not hiring! I need advice. I'm contemplating spinning a sweater's worth of wool. I have enough creamy natural white (which I could use as is or dye with Kool-aid), I think, to be a sweater and about 3 oz. rainbow dyed Corriedale I could use for accent colors. I'm thinking about this cardigan.

I've never spun for a large project but think I can do it if I'm diligent in following this Knitty article. But plied or singles? I like the look of singles a lot . . . but am I consistent enough? Would it pill a lot? If I chose plied, should I do it woolen (I want to practice what I learned at WSWF, but that would mean handcarding most of it into rolags) or worsted (so I could use the wool without re-preparing it). Any suggestions??

In other fiber news, I stopped at Half-Price Books yesterday (a rare trip shopping alone) and scored big: Kaffe's new book and Knitting In the Old Way at great prices. I have the old Knitting in the Old Way and didn't plan to get the new one, but I'm glad I did now that I see the additional info in it. I tried to upload images of the book but no go; pics next time. Cindy

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Alene said...

Bigger picture? Is the white on the shoulders color work or a lacy overlay?