Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mmmm, tastes like Mohair

Hi Cindy!

Hope you are starting to get some fall weather. We've dropped out of the 90's and are hoping to stay that way although they're predicting a few of those days yet this week. This week we've cleaned out closets and the attic. Tomorrow we're headed north to DH's parents with a load of stuff for garage sale. The bed of the truck is about full and we've got much more space than we had although there's tons more to clear out. I've been toying with culling the stash (cue imaginary soundtrack: Culling of the Fold by the Decemberists or actually just iTunes) of all the acrylic that I've been gifted. I know that it would make good charity knitting but I don't have time. I'm torn though because I'd like to make a Mother Bear or two. I guess I'll keep it for now until I really rearrange the stash.

I have a semi-FO to brag about. I finished the knitting portion of the mandolin strap finally tonight. But first the picture above is Margi "helping" me with it last weekend. And by helping, I meat attacking. She had to give it a taste test before I got too far. She also tried to bathe it to make sure it is clean before it hits the felting process. I did two I-cords at the end so that it can tie onto the mandolin where ever DH needs it. I will probably felt it on Tuesday while I'm home telecommuting.

Here is what a typical telecommute day looks like. Margi always insists on reading reports with me and giving them the sit test. If the report makes a good cushion she figures the well will produce just fine without impacting any of it's neighbors. Of course that's a little less scientific than the method I use and I don't think my boss would agree with her methodology. Of course for some of the data we receive, I think she's got the right idea ;)

I have to speed up my work on DH's socks. He is doing a 3 day retreat at the end of November/beginning of December and wants be able to wear the socks for it. Their 100 year old master will be in town for this one and it is the first time DH is meeting him. They will start at 3:30 am and go till ~9 pm on Friday and Saturday and till ~5 on Sunday. He wants me to take and drop him off for it since there won't be much parking room. I may have to take that Friday off of work just to get enough sleep. DH bought robes and they came about a week ago. He probably won't actually wear them until the retreat next month although he'll go to the single day one in two weeks. Here is a picture of him on the day the robes arrived on the doorstep. (I removed the picture at DH's request since he doesn't have the robes right. amm 10/25/2007)

I'm going to close this up and head to bed. I'm taking the camera along tomorrow so maybe I'll have a picture or two of some AZ fall color. I'm hoping we get up to Jerome tomorrow. There is a yarn store up there that I really like. The owner actually used to be DH's boss the summer he lived there and worked in the library. Of course she's never recognized him and he's not said hi. Still, it is a pretty nice shop and I haven't been there since last year. If you come out to visit I'll have to take you there.

Take care, more soon, A

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Alene said...

DH reread the instructions with his robes and the kimono goes inside the "skirt" bottom part. I'll post a new picture with the correct arrangement as soon as I get one.