Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Dear Cindy,

Guess what arrived at my door yesterday. Margi says it smells like fiber.

Yep, its fiber, and other spinning goodies!

Margi says "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

There's just one little dilemma. What to do with 2 copies? Will B&N take the copy back or should I see if I can exchange it at one of my favorite shops?

I tried spinning up some of the wonderful fiber you sent and it spun like a dream-both the merino and the maroon mix. Here Teddy demonstrates what he thinks of my spinning.

Think the new cat-design of a spindle will work? It spins on its own quite well but tends to reverse a lot. (No, she didn't actually try to eat it, she's just experiencing it, totally).

Thanks Again!


Cindy said...

I guess you could call B&N to see if they'd take it back. Or you could pass it on to someone else or (aha!) sell it on ebay!

Alene said...

MMMM, never tried to sell anything on ebay although my in-laws have sold countless model airplanes that FIL has designed and built.

Cindy said...

although for one item, it might be easier to give it to someone in your spinning class . . .

Alene said...

I'm thinking about sending it to Sandy, along with a sample of my poor yarn. Maybe it will inspire her to get back to the wheel.