Saturday, June 9, 2007


Hi Cindy!

Did you get to knit in public today? I met up with a couple of people down at the Community Market in Downtown Phoenix. It runs 8-Noon this time of year but it was pretty hot by 11 and we packed it it. I had only been there since about 9:40 but I'm sure the others got there much earlier. We had a shaded table right by Lisa T's booth. She's the one that sells the churro yarn occassionally. Today she just had her own hand spun. And she had her wheel there spinning most of the time. She does lots of other crafty stuff and also re-works old clothing into new outfits. She had quite a crowd from time to time. I didn't buy anything except an iced mocha and some kalamata olive bread for tonight. I couldn't buy anything fresh because I wasn't coming home for several hours yet.
Afterwards I had lunch with Julie and Lytifa. We spent almost 3 hours talking and gossiping. Of course in the end we ended up gossiping and complaining about MI's, wonder how many year's of being gone from there it will take to get over it.
I also stopped by Barnes and Noble before meeting them because I was running a few minutes early. Here's Teddy showing off what I picked up. He's pretty insulted that I laid it on his tail.
So I have a question. Of course the book probably answers it but I haven't read too much yet. Which way do you wind the yarn around the spindle? Clockwise or counter-clockwise? Our instructor said it is typical to spin the spindle clockwise but I assume you wind the yarn up the same way, right?
As you can see Margaret is a chewy cat. Believe it or not that is actually a knitting cd she's chewing on back in that little cubby on the desk. No matter how I block the opening she really tries to get up in there.
Hope your weather has improved from a couple of days ago. More soon!

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