Thursday, June 7, 2007

Warm feet on a summer day

Hi Alene! This blog idea of yours is inspired and already fun. I don't have any spinning to show today, but here's a recent finished project: slipper socks for DH made of commercial and handspun yarn. The main colors are a fall-color commercial wool and gold Tiur doubled; the "timbers" are assorted handspun experiments. I machine-knit (is that a verb??) the main parts of the sock and then handknit the ribbing, heels, and toes. They fit him well and he doesn't mind the seam; I tried a method new to me that was supposed to be flat but it didn't work too well with yarn this thick. The chart is from the good folks at Philosopher's Wool.

Have you see Charmed Knits? It's a great book! I'm considering a HP costume for DS for next Halloween . . . stay tuned.

Your spinning looks great! What type of spindle is that? I read somewhere it takes about 8 hours to feel really proficient, so you are well on your way. Cindy

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