Saturday, June 23, 2007

My head is spinning . . .

Hi Alene! Anticipating our silk adventure, I ordered some undyed silk caps from The Woolery. I'm thinking of plying them with a multicolor singles for a fun effect. They are backordered but should be here before our summer trip to WA. Have you read the silk spindle spinning articles in Knittyspin? I really like them. Also, the Spin-Off web site (and the magazine itself of course) has lots of good info on many aspects of spinning. I read the magazines over and over.

The WI Sheep & Wool Festival is the weekend after Labor Day, and I am going this year for the first time! It would be fun to go to some festivals together in the future.

Spinningly yours, Cindy

P.S. How is our blog namesake cat doing?

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